Abstract Painting



My greatest inspiration often comes very suddenly in a moment of pure serenity. When I look at the white canvas – I feel free, and I just start painting!

When I paint I am in a total flow of creative energy – so that I forget time and it happens that I paint the whole night and day until I finished the painting. I prefer painting on very big canvases if possible and I usually put them on the floor, so that the Acrylic paint I put on, can just lie there until it is dry. Also I love to mix the colours while they are already on the canvas. Everything happens quite intuitively – and I feel the harmony of colours.

I like to compare abstract painting with classical music, which does not use words or any descriptive terms that navigate, channel and even limit your interpretation, but it only uses tones. And in the same way the colours in an abstract painting form a composition, without depicting any motifs, which gives you the absolute freedom in your thoughts and feelings.




Häusser Paintings in Berlin Mitte


Abstract Painting

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