Article written by Eric Tat-Fung Lam

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” 朋友Peter完成醫學院的實習,離開柏林,往家鄉附近的城市Luwigsburg工作去了。我剛回到柏林,還來不及道別,他就已經離開這個已經住了八、九年的城市。初來柏林的第二年,我們在一次家中派對中認識,一見如故。他知我是唸哲學的。他對哲學很有興趣,所以每次見面都常常聊聊哲學。有次,我到他腓德烈大街(Friedrichstraße) 家中作客,看到他家中放滿了畫作。原來他除了是醫科生,還是個畫家,開過畫展,很有藝術天分。有次,我笑問:「 Peter,其實你想當醫生還是藝術家?前者是治療人的軀體,後者是治療人的心靈。」可是,他當時猶豫,沒有確實回答我的問題。我說,下次開畫展,記得告訴我。”…. (published in a Hong Kong newspaper)

Philosophy blog by Eric Tat-Fung Lam, columnist for a Hong Kong newspaper and philosopher, living in Berlin.

Article written by Eric Tat-Fung Lam

Achtzig Galerie – Vernissage



Peter Häusser and friends enjoying the Vernissage



Achtzig Galerie Website


Achtzig Galerie:


Peter Häusser (Artist from Berlin, born 1990 in Kehl)

I love Abstract Art!

When I paint I am in a total flow of creative energy – I prefer painting on very big canvases if possible and I usually put them on the floor, so that the Acrylic paint I put on, can just lie there until it is dry. Also I love to mix the colours while they are already on the canvas. Everything happens quite intuitively – and I feel the harmony of colours.

I like to compare abstract painting with classical music, which does not use words or any descriptive terms that navigate, channel and even limit your interpretation, but it only uses tones. And in the same way the colours in an abstract painting form a composition, without depicting any motifs, which gives you the absolute freedom in your thoughts and feelings.

The purpose and function of art is to bring people together, by creating a deeper way of communication and expression of all their feelings – and thereby living and enjoying life to the fullest!


Achtzig Galerie, Hagenauer Straße 7 Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin



New Abstract Paintings


Berlin Mitte



Achtzig Galerie – Vernissage